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J SPACE 新展预告 |When Y23 Meets J Space

2017-11-22 15:04:22来源:

J SPACE 新展预告 |When Y23 Meets J Space


“2017年11月26日(周日),J SPACE将携手Y23青年艺术家在深圳华侨城创意园君瑞汇当代艺术空间举办青年艺术家项目的第一回展。”











开幕:2017.11.26 15:00

展期:2017.11.26 - 12.16

Art Director: Zeng Yu

Curator: Lin Song

Director: Zeng Ruilong

Critic: Kuang Jingpeng

Artists: Ma Ke, Xu He, Shi Yanliang, Dong He, Sun Ziyao, Wu Dawei, Yan Zhancheng, Xu Hongxiang, Liu Guangguang, Wang Zun, Yang Guoqiang, Zhu Mingtao, Zhang Mu, Liu Xi, Zhang Jiaxing, Meng Houjun, Cai Lei

Opening: 2017.11.26 15:00p.m.

Dates: 2017.11.26 – 12.16




“The young artists of this exhibition has no longer pay attention to the grand theme of art to tell the truth as usual. It is also no longer showing the way to engage in collision with society. Young artists own more motivation to create the works since they focus on the real life experiences and realize the limitations of themselves. They are able to present modern people, so their depiction of self-experience in painting is a kind of self-description of modernity.”

“Thus, the art turns to self-discipline, which ensures the characteristics of its utopia. It is also the main way for young artists to intervene in society. Due to the art has difference than others in some way, so this different position is art. The word "different" build your own world to against to those who develops rationality and sensibility in the limitation of social system for the achievement of the ultimate goal of revolution—individual freedom and happiness.”




君瑞汇当代艺术空间(J SPACE)是一家集艺术项目投资、艺术展览、艺术家推广、艺术沙龙、收藏基金为一体的当代艺术机构。 是君胜控股集团旗下重点文化品牌项目,艺术空间于2016年在深圳华侨城创意文化园成立,私家庭院格局,总面积1000平方米。

J SPACE 以创建艺术梦想为己任,通过广泛的艺术和文化项目推动本土艺术环境的发展与国际交流,展现当下艺术、设计等领域中的优秀力量。致力于为当代艺术提供一个链接更宽广精英圈层的展示平台;通过各种形式的城市艺术活动,服务著名艺术家,扶植新兴艺术家,并以我们雄厚的资本及优质的专业资源来推进属于本土的中国艺术。推动中国当代艺术的多元发展格局

作为立足在深圳特区的综合性艺术机构,J SPACE对中国当代艺术的发展近况与其历史脉络非常关注,同时也致力于呈现周边地域以至全球的艺术动态和趋势。凭借缜密的专业准则,将其中最好的创作成果带入公众的视野。坚定成为专业、权威、先锋的城市艺术梦想构建者。


J SPACE is a modern art organization engaged in art investment, art exhibition, artist encouragement, art salon, collection fund. J SPACE is an extremely important art brand program of JUNSHENG GROUP. J SPACE has been founded in 2016 at Shenzhen OCT with private family garden style—1000m2 totally.

J SPACE is responsible to create dream of art. According to held a plant of artistic and cultural projects, J SPACE promotes the development of local art situation and international communication, which shows strength in the field of contemporary art and design, etc. J SPACE dedicated to provide a platform for the contemporary art to connect a broader elite circle. Through various forms of urban arts activities, we served famous artists, foster new artists, and promoted our local Chinese art with strong capital and high quality professional resources. J SPACE promotes the diversified development pattern of Chinese contemporary art.

As comprehensive art organization based in Shenzhen special zone, J SPACE concerned the development status of Chinese contemporary art and its history. At the same time, J SPACE is also committed to appear around the art of regional and global dynamics and trends. By virtue of rigorous professional guidelines, we brought the best creative achievements into public view. We engage in becoming a professional, authoritative, and pioneer of city art dream builders.



Please follow us for more information

Tel: 18938917301

Email: wuqm@jsdcjt.com


J Space, C-8, Wenchang St., N. District, OCT-LOFT,Shenzhen



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