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Herbal Replacement Remedy Instead of Sex Medication!

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Thailand Miracle Herb: BUTEA SUPERBA

Found mainly in Thailand, Butea Superba can be found in the forests of the northern and eastern regions, and along Kanchanaburi province. The roots and stem of the plant are medicines used for for centuries, and it has been revered as a health tonic.

One branch has 3 leaves and the flowers are of a yellowish orange colour. This plant grows in the open and the long roots of the plant are buried under the ground, similar to the roots of a yam. The roots of the mature plant are 8 to 9 inches long before they turn into tubers in the shape of elephant tusks. On cutting, the tubers reveal many red fibres and leaks red sap. This type of plant reproduces through seeds and the separation of its roots.

Rejuvenating Herb

Studies also revealed a strong vasodilatation effect, via production of nitric oxide. Enzymatic tests have shown Butea Superba to be a potent inhibitor of c-AMP Phosphodiesterase which reacts directly at the corpus cavernosum in the penis enhancing blood flow to that area creating a more frequent, longer lasting, stronger male period.

Root Power of Butea Superba!

Butea Superba is used as a sex enhancer in Asia by middle-aged and older men as a tonic and virility enhancer. One human trial shows Butea Superba can improve erectile function in males (see below). Studies done on rodents showed that when Butea Superba (the frondosa koen species) was given to male rats, they mounted female rats more often and they also ejaculated more frequently. In addition, the roots and stem of the plant are considered to help increase male sexual performance. Thus, this plant has come to be known as a miracle herb. Since Butea Superba helps to enhance human health, it was considered to be an essential factor to entity the chemical constituents of this herb.

Topical or oral

Researchers and academics had found that Butea Superba products could be in both forms - ingest product such as a health food product and a topical application product such as a gel product. The delivery of Butea Superba can be through oral ingestion capsule or extracts from this herb can be formulated into gel form for external application.



Vitroman Herbal Gel main active ingredient is Butea Superba, precious herb of Thailand. Just apply Herbal Gel onto entire penis, using circular motion and massage with soft strokes for 3-5 minutes. It is a natural and soothing gel; lightly scented and non-greasy. Just like a lubricant, it is non-intrusive and suitable for daily use. It is the first break through to common oral medications and supplements, had realized many man's dream. Achieving; health wellness, health protection and health maintenance for the private parts.

"I am surprise it works on me!"- Herbal Gel user

"Although, I travel a lot but I could still do my maintaining as it is handy in size" – Herbal Gel user


Men suffering from cardio problems, kidney malfunction, high blood and etc are to control their conditions often encounter erectile issues and were reluctant to take for fear of side effects.


if there's anything you need for an enjoyable and fun sex, you need endurance stamina to boost yourself physically and durable penis You will no longer be afraid of losing your erections midway during sex, feel exhausted and worn out easily or fear your despite how hard you try to bring it up.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction (due to poor blood flow or has higher level of PDE5), give PowerPlus a try. This herbal aphrodisiac is clinically studied and tested for its efficiency to prevent impotent and assist penis erection. Many are turning to herbal replacement remedy instead of sex medication.

"I have been using Vitroman PowerPlus for the past 8 months and the product and results are very good. I will definitely recommend to all my friends."- POWERPLUS user


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